About Us

Peter D. Jepson guides the spirit of team planning to help clients with financial success, helping you to coordinate your planning in an effective and cost efficient manner.

We like to think of ourselves as your professional consultant. We are planning for the long haul to execute a financial program that is developed, coordinated and implemented with other key advisors for your estate.

What we strive to help you:


  •  Save Time and Money
  •  Reduce Taxable Income
  •  Protect and Increase Wealth
  •  Plan for Retirement
  •  Protect Your Assets 


    You've spent a considerable amount of time accumulating your estate, to provide you and your family with appropriate income during retirement goals and we help our clients create and execute a financial program to meet those goals. However, many people have no plan to deal with unnecessary probate fees or estate taxes. the key to designing an effective estate plan is to review your assets and to implement options to help minimize estate clearance costs.

    Most likely, you will want to see your assets pass intact to the next generation. Financial and estate planning can make the difference between a happy retirement or leaving yourself or your heirs with less than you intend.

    Peter D. Jepson & Associates do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your professional tax/legal advisors regarding your particular situation.